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Что ответить дорогому китайскому другу с Еbay?

На ебай была приобретена маленькая штучка за 20 шек. Не приехала. Открыла спор, выбрала опцию «хочу товар». Вот ответ продавца:
We are sorry to hear that you still have not received your order yet. I am afraid it could be stolen or lost in transit because it is unusual to take such a long time. We are more than happy to send a replacement to you. However, there is a problem here, our system is unable to process a replacement order if a dispute case remains open. It recognizes your payment as uncleared (because PayPal is now holding the money) and it cannot go ahead to release this new order. Hope you can understand the situation. Therefore,would you please close this dispute case in advance so that we can proceed to send the order to you again? You can rest assured that I will keep my promise and a replacement will be shipped to you immediately when this dispute case is closed. Thank you.
Это нормально? Что-то мне подсказывает, что если я закрою спор, то ни денег, ни товара не увижу.
Что делать?
Update. Спасибо за советы. Собственно, я так и думала. Ответила дорогому китайцу:
Dear seller, my address is correct. Unfortunately I can not agree with the proposal to close the dispute before receiving the order. I’d suggest another option: the money would be returned to me, and I will put in a new order. In the case of receiving the first order, I promise to immediately transfer the money by PayPal.
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