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прислали письмо,что теперь опция вывода денег на Пейпал платная для клиентов вне США $2.99.Предлагают переводить бесплатно деньги на Yandex.Money wallet
I hope you don’t mind, but we needed to get in touch with you, so we have created a support ticket in your TopCashback Account.
Our message is shown below, if you need to reply, please log in and send us a message by visiting the support section.
Recent PayPal Payout Request
Sorry to contact you out of the blue, we wanted to get in touch and make you aware that there has been a change to PayPal’s policy where they have increased the fees of money sent to members outside of the US. Going forward PayPal will still be available as a payout option, however there will be a fee of $2.99 which will go on to be deducted from your cashback upon request.
We do have a new payout option available for members to use instead in the form of Yandex.Money, this is free from any transaction fees and if you could respond to this ticket, we can cancel your current request and return the funds to your account to be requested via this method. The following link will take you to the correct page to sign up for your Yandex.Money wallet, or log in if you already have one –
However, if you would like to continue to have PayPal for this cashback amount, then we can process this and cover the fee as a one off, but going forward this would need to be paid for from the cashback you are requesting.
If you could respond to this ticket and let me know how you would like to proceed with your current request, we can look to get this actioned for you as soon as possible.

Many thanks,
TopCashback Support
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