lubago (lubago) wrote in inetshop_il,

Английская почта запретила к перессылке к нам мягкие игрушки?

Купила я замечательную игрушку

ждала её и вдруг сегодня получаю возврат от продавца с письмом
Hi, we are very sorry but we have just received your soft toy back from Royal Mail with a message on it saying that customs would not allow soft toys to be sent through to Israel. This is not something we have heard about before, but unfortunately we cannot do anything about it. We will be putting a note in our Ebay store to let customers know shortly.
Please accept a full refund and our apologies for the inconvenience to you.
Как вам эта засада?
Tags: ebay, Доставка, Игрушки и игры, Страна: Англия

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